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Friday 27 December 2002 - 2 January 2003

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Pattaya Sports Club celebrates Christmas in style in the ballroom at Town in Town Hotel

Varuna Cup: Seaboard sailors, visitors share the honours

The Pattaya Sports Club crosses yet another milestone

Flying Scots Man

Joe St. Laurent and Paul Sharples are this week’s best of the average golfers

Bob Edwards pars for victory at Ban Chang

Morris and Robinson win at Treasure Hill

Diana Group Golf

Barry Traynor Holes in One

Bob Patterson looks down on the field from atop Soi Dao

Jacques Thibault surges to the front of the pack

Tue rolls best series of the new league with a 615 pin count

Bill and Kran’s teams off to flying start

Third Bunker Four-Man Team Scramble tees off this week

Wild weekend at the beach

Christmas Cheer for Slender Sloman and HSC

The Square Ring

Pattaya Pool League

Fitness Tips


Pattaya Sports Club celebrates Christmas in style in the ballroom at Town in Town Hotel

The Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) has two big parties a year: after the Annual General Meeting and the end-of-year Christmas party. This year’s Christmas party was billed as the biggest ever with over 430 people in attendance to partake in plenty of Christmas cheer.

PSC President Carl Engel and his helpers hand over this raffle prize to one of the lucky winners.

The ballroom and the poolside area were bursting at the seams as PSC members, their spouses and guests turned out for what has become a PSC institution.

Ken Crow and Jim Montgomery took their stations at the door. Tickets were sold out 2 weeks before the event so many people had to be turned away due to the lack of space. (Ken Crow told Pattaya Mail, “We wish to apologize for that.”)

However, the hundreds who did attend enjoyed the evening greatly. All consumed plenty of food and partook in the free-flowing liquid refreshments. Revelers danced the night away. The ladies’ golf crowd turned up in force. Having traded their sporty golf clothes for seductive evening gowns the women displayed real elegance on the dance floor.

Ken Crow (2nd from right) and the winner of a one baht gold chain, Lew Myers (far right) pose as the two beautiful young ladies helping out in the raffle prepare to hand over the gold.

Plenty of familiar faces were seen during the evening, including PSC executive committee members, President Carl Engel; Frank Collins, fishing chairman, and Bobby Joe were seen enjoying the refreshments and promising that their next fishing trip will be better than ever.

George Bennison, PSC secretary and Bernie Tuppin, charity chairman were notably milling about and definitely enjoying the evening’s entertainment.

President Carl Engel formally welcomed everyone to the event. Carl said the Pattaya Sports Club has enjoyed a fruitful year in supporting local charities in a number of projects around region and has grown substantially, reaching a membership base of almost 15,000 members worldwide.

Frank Collins (front) and Bobby Joe (back) clown around.

Ken Crow - the man with best job of all, party chairman - announced the moment everybody had been waiting for, the PSC’s famous raffle with a 1st prize of 1 baht-weight in gold.

The draw came thick and fast. Lots of door prizes were up for grabs, including rice cookers, blenders and of course, the much awaited gold prizes. First up were the 1/2 baht-weight gold chains. The grand finale of the night was sought after by the ladies - the one baht-weight gold chain necklace, which was a real beauty.

But the ladies missed out and the gorgeous chain went to Lew Myers of Ocean Springs, Miss, who strolled up from the middle of the room to stake his claim.

The evening continued with drinks flowing and food being eaten until late in the evening, as eventually the crowd thinned down to the hardcore partygoers; most of whom were found to be nursing heavy heads the next day, including this scribe.

Yet another successful year and another booming party for the Pattaya Sports Club. Can’t wait till next year!

The next major activity organized by the PSC will be the 2003 Pattaya Sports Club Charity Classic scheduled in January. Sponsors are still required. Interested parties can contact the PSC office on Pattaya Third Road. All sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

Varuna Cup: Seaboard sailors, visitors share the honours

The highly-successful Varuna Cup rounded out a great year of yacht racing in the Kingdom. Held over last weekend, out off the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, organized and hosted by the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, this year’s regatta comprised a fleet of 76 craft - a record for yacht racing in South Pattaya.

It was sailed in perfect conditions as the north-easterly, at a light-to-moderate 10-knot average, with relatively smooth seas, blew fairly steadily throughout the five-race competition.

A new breed of champions: Optimist sailors relax after the regatta

A large number of entries from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore came to Pattaya to race against the big fleets from Thailand. Thanks to the usual co-operation of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand and the Royal Thai Navy, more than 30 Optimists participated, with the Sattahip boys and girls working their Royal Varuna counterparts very hard, hauling off the top seven places, before a Varunian was sighted. Needless to say, Royal Varuna’s hard-working junior sailing officer, Linden Phanpho and her trusty colleague Brunhilde were highly pleased with the showing of the juniors.

Event organizer, Antony Chapman has a little bother with his spinnaker.

With excellent race management under international race officer, Lawnin Crawford and ever-green Gilbert Leemann manning the finishing vessel, while David Wales soldiered on in the regatta room, sifting through a mountain of scores, the event was a sailor’s - and spectator’s - delight.

Principal sponsor SIG Combibloc Ltd. were joined by the Alabat Resort in the Philippines, Lawton Asia Co. Ltd. and Nestle, ensuring the success of the Varuna Cup. It was unfortunate that the Combibloc CEO, Peter Ole Herning - himself a fine Nacra 16 Sq. helmsman - was not able to participate but, rather, he left the field to youngsters like Gary Baguley, Frank Teeuwen and Les Nyerges, who finished in that order.

Peter Bates, who was unbeatable as the Hobie Cat king during his years in the Kingdom, came back straight to his appointed place: at the top of the Hobie Cat 16 fleet, winning all five races. Varunians Alain Brancart, Bud Rockey, Henk de Boon and Flag Commodore Robert England finished second-to-fifth, respectively, wallowing in the master’s wake.

It was in the Open Multihull Class also where the visitors kept out the local sailors, with multiple Phuket King’s Cup Catamaran champion, Singapore’s Scott McCook also “clean-sweeping” the big fleet with five straight wins, from Aussie Nacra national champion and boat builder Warren Guinea second, while Alberto Cassio brought the home-towners into some prominence finishing third.

Marcel Dubbelman raised high the Royal Varuna flag, convincingly winning the Laser class from Royal Thai Navy’s Pontap Sookudom, with Varuna’s Kevin Whitcraft, finishing very well, indeed, in third place after missing two races.

The under-16-year-olds Optimist sailors (many as young as nine) were fearless - not only of the north-easterly, but the awesome speed of the multihulls zooming in and out of their fleet of tiny craft.

Results, 2002 Varuna Cup

Nacra 16 Square (first five only): 1. Gary Baguley; 2. Frank Leeuwen; 3. Les Nyerges; 4. Hamish McNicol; 5. Alex Skaria.

Hobie 16 (first seven only): 1. Peter Bates; 2. Alain Brancart; 3. Bud Rockey; 4. Henk de Boon; 5. Robert England; 6. Bernhard Lehman; 7. Simon Carey.

Multihull Open (first eight): 1. Scott McCook; 2. Warren Guineea; 3. Alberto Cassio; 4. Claire; 5. Antony Chapman; 6. Jan Holldorff; 7. Bob Garner; 8. Stephen de Vos.

Laser (first 12): 1. Marcel Dubbelman; 2. Pontap Sookudom; 3. Kevin Whitcraft; 4. Aaron Frankel; 5. Siri Chandler (Laser Radial); 6. Thom Kleiss; 7. Sam Phanpho; 8. Charlie Zbinden; 9. Peter Fischer; 10. Sunti; 11. Paul England; 12. Andrew Connelly.

Optimists (first 12): 1. Pupis; 2. Srai; 3. Dounghathin; 4. Kodchai; 5. Banjamas; 6. YRAT competitor (no name supplied); 7. Navee; 8. Antoine; 9. Oliver; 10. Joe; 11. Pongphet; 12. Thanakan.

The Pattaya Sports Club crosses yet another milestone

On Friday, December 20, PSC charity chairman, Bernie Tuppin presented Pastor Fred Doell of the Mercy Ministries with 8 new bicycles, tipping Pattaya Sports Club donations over the 5 million baht mark!

The bicycles will be used as part of a points and rewards system set up by the Mercy Ministries. Children of varying ages are given points for completing tasks, doing chores, and for studying hard in school. After achieving a certain number of points, the children are rewarded with bicycles which allow them to ride, rather than walk to school. These are children from poverty stricken areas, children who otherwise would not be able to afford bicycles.

Mercy Ministries gives these children the opportunity to earn the things they need, things which enhance their quality of life. These are not handouts. The children must earn their bicycles by doing a wide range of chores such as shopping and carrying groceries for the elderly, running errands, and picking up trash in designated areas. They are taught the value and the benefits of honest, hard work, the importance of helping others, and the need to keep the community clean.

The Pattaya Sports Club readily supports programs such as these, so when Pastor Doell came with a request for the five bicycles, the expense was approved unanimously at the executive committee meeting on December 8. Pastor Doell can be contacted at 038-300-612. Mercy Ministries is located on Thepprasit Soi 8.

For years now, the Pattaya Sports Club has been helping many different charities and supporting programs such as the one mentioned above. The PSC has given over 5 million baht to local schools and charities over the years and hope to be able to give more as memberships and donations grow. Some PSC funds come from membership fees, but the main fundraiser is the annual Charity Classic Tournament. Since its inception, each Charity Classic Tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of baht for various projects. With help from businesses and members of the community, PSC hopes to break all records with the 2003 Charity Classic.

There are parts of Pattaya and the surrounding areas that many of us never see. People live in terrible conditions that we never get exposed to … yet they do exist, and the people who live there do need assistance. There are also many schools in dire need of funds and equipment. US$35 may not seem a whole lot to spend for some of us, and we may think, “How could US$35 possibly help?” Well, US$35, which is approximately 1,500 baht, allows one child to go to school for one full year. This includes uniform, shoes, and tuition. US$10 is 435 baht. It may not seem like much – until you consider that there are many places where a person can get a full meal for only 12 to 20 baht. Every little bit helps – and PSC hopes that you will consider making even a small donation towards the Charity Classic. There will be many projects throughout the year 2003. The following are only a few that we hope to raise funds for:

Mercy Ministries - One-year sponsorship for primary school children. This provides school uniforms, shoes, and tuition. 45,000 Baht for 30 children, 1,500 baht for each child.

Ban Bung School: Installation of playground equipment for younger students. 20,000 baht.

Ban Mab Fug Thong School: Installation of six ablution stations (for washing hands, drinking, etc.) 50,000 baht.

Ban Pong Saket School: Modify an existing classroom to accommodate a computer instruction class. 250,000 baht.

Banglamung Kindergarten (Ban Roong Poe): This is an education facility with 940 students. They require the replacement of furnishings in the school dining hall. 90 sets of tables and long stools to be used by the children as well as the local community. 135,000 baht.

Ban Thoong Kha School: 10 volleyballs, 10 takraw balls, 2 volleyball nets & posts, 2 takraw nets and posts, 18 sets of sportswear, 5 dozen table tennis balls, 15 pairs of running shoes, 4 petanque sets. 40,095 baht.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the PSC clubhouse on Pattaya Third Road, behind the Pattaya Driving Range. The clubhouse is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If that isn’t convenient for you, please contact Herbie at (06) 143-3173. You can also leave your name and contact number with the Pattaya Sports Club office (038) 361-167 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more details regarding the Charity Classic, please visit the PSC website at www.pattayasports.org

The Pattaya Sports Club is a government approved non-profit association. PSC is completely transparent and all donations are fully accounted for. Thank you in advance for your support.

The 2003 PSC Charity Classic Tournament will be held on Friday, January 24 at Khao Kheow Golf & Country Club. Shotgun start at 11:30 a.m. Entry fee is 2,500 baht per person and you can sign up at the following PSC venues: Three Sisters, Cafe Kronborg, Shenanigan’s, 60’s Bar and the PSC Clubhouse. Entries are limited to 144 players so sign up now to secure your place.

Flying Scots Man

Pattaya Lawn Bowls Division One

The boys from the Tartan Bar, Willie and Lee railway-ed through top of the league boys Carlsberg Kids, outplaying them in every department. Dave the Rave and the Blonde Bomber Martin had faces like they had a bad pint. John and Steve the Streak Lake from the Likely Lads had luck on their side to beat the Cobblers team by picking up 4 shots on the last end to keep up their 100 percent winning ways. Team Somtams, captained by Ned, hammered the gout boys Kev and BSB. Ned and Dancing Peter now back to their winning ways - look out you teams up top they are coming. Chaplin Spam Heads carried on their winning streak by beating the almighty Yingyangs giving them 2nd spot in Div 1 (keep going you Spam Heads you are the talk of the league).

Team of the Week: Tartan Bar

Player of the Week: Ned

Match of the Week: Likely Lads v The Cobblers

Results: Likely Lads 16 - The Cobblers 15, Carlsberg Kids 13 - Tartan Bar 18, Team Somtams 24 - Dream Team 10, Chaplin Spam Heads 19 - Yingyangs 16.

Lawn Bowls Division Two

Lucky Chaplins Jeff and Dave have won their first game in two seasons since coming up from the conference league from Soi 3. Well done boys, now that you have a taste of winning, hopefully it wont be 2 more seasons before your next win. Andy Eagles is back in town after being away for a couple of seasons and is now playing for Winchester, with Mr. Bobby Pampers Carol by beating the Jan Bar. Thepprasit Ten Thistle beat the top of the league boys the New Guys on the last end to stop their 100 percent record (I hope the bubble has not burst boys). Coral Reef also won their first game of the season beating the skillful team Harvey and Graham of the Musketeers but still keeps Coral Boys rock bottom so far.

Results: Thepprasit Ten Thistle 17 - New Guys 15, Winchester 14 - Jan Bar 11, Lucky Chaplins 12 - Asylum (2) 21, Musketeers 16 - Coral Reef 17.

Joe St. Laurent and Paul Sharples are this week’s best of the average golfers

P.S.C. Golf From Bobby Joe’s 60s Bar

Friday the 13th
Green Valley

A record 60’s Bar crowd with a lot of new faces arrived at Green Valley for a fine Friday the 13th day out. The day was cooler than last week and everybody was pleased with that. Scores were a little better this week thanks to even green speeds.

Bobby Joe presents to Paul Sharples.

Overall winner was Joe St. Laurent for the second straight week. Closest to the pin honors went to Gery Wedi, Bob Moberg, Bob Benda and Joe St. Laurent. Longest puts were scored by Neal Huges and Rew Berri. Lucky draw winners were Ian Edwards, Alan Pearce, Hoste Jean-Claude and Brent Guy.

Friday December 20
Eastern Star

Be warned David (the K.S.M.) Bailey is back with tales of valour and magnificent deeds from the mediocrity of all of us who play golf here in Pattaya for most of the year, all hoping for that once in a lifetime round. And why not? We are all human, and now and then we all like our time in the Sun and one thing about Bobby Joe’s competitions is that all the players are so ‘average’ that any one can play if they can hit a ball and can buy a round, they can even win. Most important of all is for the players to really enjoy their day out, there are enough problems in the world without our adding to it.

Bobby Joe presents to Charlie Creed.

This is the ‘friendly’ day when it doesn’t matter if you are a ‘real’ golfer or a person who wants to play golf to enjoy themselves, on a day like this you enjoy your round; no ‘ego’ golf allowed.

Eastern Star was in fine condition and quiet with the only drawback as usual being the quality of the greens, if the management could sort out this one major problem it would move the course into the front line of courses. The layout of the course is superb, and whilst to a bunch of ‘hackers’ like us not that important, to a quality golfer it is a crying shame.

Bobby Joe presents to Ian Edwards.

So the day was great, Bobby Joe’s breakfast was super and as I had a hangover most appreciated, and the golf was so ‘average’ that a blind man would have had a chance. However, we had to have a winner and as it panned out one of our sand players came in and won the day. Whilst we never give the winning score at Bobby Joes, suffice to say the winner, Paul Sharples won again, and as he only plays when he needs his photo in the paper we must grit our teeth and say ‘Well Done’. Maybe we should make him play off a mat!

A really good day was had by all and I have to note also we had a few near pins. No 6 Paul Sharples, but one win is enough, the rest is rubbing it in, No 13 Ian Edwards and no 17 Charlie Creed. The near pins are real luck, why when I go to Church don’t I get more. Maybe somebody up there is a little bit playing favourites.

Bob Edwards pars for victory at Ban Chang

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

The largest Bunker Boys field of the year, forty-three eager souls, took on Century Ban Chang in their weekly medal event on Tuesday, 17th December. A deliciously warm day was tempered by a fresh breeze and with the white tees set right back the course was to play longer than for many a day.

In division one America’s Bob Edwards played controlled golf to shoot the only par round of the day and take victory from fellow countryman Bob Morrison and Doug Campbell, who both shot net 74.

In division two the same score was recorded by a trio of players, Norm Robinson, Dickie Barbe and Martin Davis and they tied for the leadership.

The accuracy of Doug Campbell was rewarded with a share of the Bunker Super Sawng award with Anders Petersen, whilst several red faces anticipated the last award of the day, the Bunker Banana Booby. It went to a flustered Peter MacKay for his high net score of 97 as Robbie Bennett and Julian Hickery visibly breathed heavy sighs of relief! More news and details of the festive Bunker Four Man Team Scramble can be found at http://www.the bunkerboys.com

Schulze shoots par to win

The Royal Thai Navy course at Plutaluang is always a wonderfully scenic venue and the Bunker Boys reacquainted themselves with the testing North and West nines on Friday, 20th December, for their weekly Stableford event. The chosen combination is by far the best of the choices at this course and the large field set about their task manfully in perfect conditions.

In division one Martin Davis showed his consistency by topping the list with a creditable 33 points, easily heading Mr. Loy and Harry Cowling, just returned from the UK, with their 30 point tallies.

Division two saw the best scores of the day with Gerhard Schulze shooting level par 36 points to win, just heading off the challenge of the Scandi strongman Mikael Andersson, with 34 and a breathless Len Jones with 33.

The only two of the day was recorded by Colin Morgan and he received the Bunker Super Sawng Award, whilst a hero of the previous week, Keith Hector, plumbed the depths, firing only 19 points and he was to be a deserving winner of the Bunker Banana Booby.

Morris and Robinson win at Treasure Hill

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday December 16 saw a good crowd leave the Kronborg for a day in the countryside at Treasure Hill Golf. 2 flights played a Stableford match with the split at 0-19 and over 20.

Geordie Ted Morris took the A flight with 38 points, Phillipe Berra finished second with 37, Andre Barrie third with 36 and Wayne Koch 4th on count back.

B Flight was won by Norman Robinson at 39, Koji 2nd with 38, Bjorn Kristjohansen 3rd on 36 on count back from the admiral (back from sea) and the Flying Dutchman Cees Bosman in 4th.

Near pins were won by-Steve Nowell, Bjorn Kristjohansen, Rick Bevington and Ebrahim.

Long first putts were won by Kevin Dunne and Ted Morris.

Diana Group Golf

Seniors & Ladies December Open

The next tournament, exclusively for Seniors (50-64), Super Seniors (65+) & Ladies (any age) will be held at Pattaya Country Club on Thursday January 2. The change in date from December 26 to a week later on Thursday January 2 is due to the Christmas holiday. The January fixture will be back on schedule, on Thursday January 30.


* Booked tee-off times from 10 a.m.

* Format: Stableford (handicap qualifying)

* Transport leaves Diana Inn, 9 a.m. (B.100 return fare)

* Prize presentation & buffet at the Green Bottle 6 p.m.

* Trophy and prize for best score in each division

* Prize for runner-up in each division

* Technical hole prizes for near pins & long putts

* Sign-up at:

* The Green Bottle or

* Diana Group Driving Range

All Seniors, Super Seniors and Ladies welcome

Barry Traynor Holes in One

IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday December 16
Burapha East

1st: Gordon Langtry, 5 up

2nd: Jeff McLaury, 3 up cb9 3 up

3rd: Mo Bertrand, 3 up cb9 2 up

4th: Stephen Beard, 3 up cb9 all square

5th: Paul Taylor, 3 up cb9 1 down

Gordon Langtry, playing his last game before returning to the winter in Canada, scored his first win on this trip to “The Land Of Smiles” with a polished performance that left the rest of the field two shots back.

It was no surprise to find “The Doc”, Mo Bertrand and Jeff McLaury on the podium as they were contesting the penultimate Order of Merit as well as the day’s competition. Indeed it was a closely run affair that had to be settled by count back with Jeff proving to be the strongest over the back nine followed by Mo and “The Doc” for once trailing behind.

With one round to go in the Order of Merit “The Doc” leads by just four points from Serge Straeten with Jeff McLaury a further four points back and Brian Kelly and B.J Smith another two back from him. It all hangs on the last round to be held at Plutaluang on December 27.

The twos were shared between Paul Taylor, Jeff McLaury, Stephen Beard and Richard Garland with two.

Prior to the prize giving Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed new member Michael Billingham from Australia and welcomed back Jack Thorne from the USA and Doug and Wendy Hollingsworth from Scotland.

It was also a farewell to Yazuo Suzuki, returning to Japan to clean his two Harley Davidson motorcycles and earn enough money to carry out the monthly repairs to keep them in running order. In celebration of this, he provided the day’s contenders with copious amounts of saki which left them reeling and rocking in the aisles well before the bottles were consumed.

December 18
Khao Kheow

1st Division

1st: Barry Traynor, 39 points cb9 21

2nd: Al Rolnik, 39 cb9 20

3rd: Michael Dige, 38

2nd Division

1st: Mo Bertrand, 38

2nd: Paul Taylor, 36 cb9 18

3rd: Trevor Edge, 36 cb9 14

Khao Kheow off the yellow tees with little run can usually be expected to exact some punishment on the field but Wednesday’s outing proved to be the exception to the rule as both divisions scored well.

Barry Traynor took the first division honours in a tight count back from “Big Al” Rolnik and an in form Michael Dige in close attendance one shot back.

Mo Bertrand had things a little easier in division two and left Paul Taylor and Trevor Edge to contend the count back a couple of shots adrift.

The twos were shared between Bill Bennett, Karl Holm, Al Rolnik and Stephen Beard.

Back at The Haven Richard welcomed new members Chuck Mellon, Mikael Anderson, Bill Bennett, Sam Hill, Frank Boyd, Tony Quaid and Rob Morrison and welcomed back Lawrence Anderson and Kenny Chung.

Friday December 20
Century Ban Chan
Stroke Play

1st: Michael Dige, 67

2nd: Doug Campbell, 69 cb9 34

3rd: Bob Van Mol, 69 cb9 35

4th: Barry Traynor, 71

5th: Arthur Hancock, 72

6th: Mick Spear, 75

Century Ban Chan is never an easy course to tackle and on a hot and humid day, which made playing conditions more like the height of the heat waves in April, and with the course allowing very little run, it was surprising that the day’s scores were so low. Although it was very noticeable that only the lower handicappers were really able to score freely.

None more so than the winner, Michael Dige, who continued a fine run of form completing the course in a gross 72 which was good enough to keep Doug Campbell and Bob Van Mol well back in second and third place respectively. At the pace he is going, Michael can expect to be nearer to scratch when he next takes the long road back to Denmark in around two months time.

Overshadowing Michael’s fine round, one of his playing partners, Barry Traynor stepped to the seventh hole and calmly knocked a nine wood over the big dip and straight into the hole to record his first hole in one in Thailand. The feat, which normally goes unseen by all but those in the same playing group, was loudly cheered by an enthusiastic mob of green keepers that were camped on the hill behind the hole. The applause and shouting brought out even more of the locals to witness the event for the first time in their lives.

The management of the course were on the scene before the group cleared the green, to take note of Barry’s name and address, as there was a prize of a one baht gold chain on offer for all those completing an ace.

The twos would have been shared by Doug Hollingsworth and Arthur Hancock, who had two including an eagle two on the par four 2nd hole, if it had not been for Barry’s outstanding achievement at the seventh.

Richard welcomed back Peter Christianssen, Bob Van Mol, Mark Gorda and Brent Philp prior to the prize giving at The Haven.

Bob Patterson looks down on the field from atop Soi Dao

IPGC Golf From Lewiinski’s - Orchid

Soi Dao Highland Tour
December 15 - 18

Overall Champion - Bob Patterson - 49 points

2nd Place - Barry Brooks - 48 points

3rd Place - Rusty Boysen - 45 points

4th Place - Barry Tregurtha - 41 points

Eighteen competitors took the rather comfortable two and one-half hour journey to the scenic and serene confines of Soi Dao Highland Golf Club. Any golfer who has not ventured off to play this demanding course nestled in a National Park is missing one of the finest golf courses and one of the most beautiful settings. It offers several demanding driving holes, where a mistake is not punished with a bogie, but rather with a best-case double bogie and where the greens offer challenging undulations.

Overall Tour Points, as always, were awarded in declining increments, with first place on the day receiving 19 point, second receiving 17, third 16 and so on with place sixteen through eighteen each receiving 3 points. The format is Day One and Three Stableford and Day Two Medal. A practice round was played upon arrival on Sunday and each day’s comp was followed by an “emergency nine” contest featuring some form of team play to lighten the competitive grind.

This scribe, who has been questioned as to why he even owns golf clubs given his recent play, broke from the gate on Day One on a course where he has inexplicably had prior success. He was to regain his lack of form and thread his way off the final awards podium as the tour progressed. Bob Patterson followed an indifferent Day One with a best on the Day Two gross 80, net 72 performance that put him joint second with consistent Rusty Boysen, just a stroke off the low handicapper in the field, Barry Brooks.

Playing together in the final fourball, Bob showed excellent form as he toured the front side in 21 points. Although the he leaked a bit of oil on the mid-backside he held it together to win Day Three and the Overall with a 38-point showing.

Barry Brooks fought off missed putts and a demanding two handicap to manage an excellent gross 75, 35 point round, good for second on the day and second in the Overall. Rusty Boysen and Barry Tregurtha rounded out the Overall awards.

Special recognition to Lamud Chiadara, Bob Lindborg’s significant other, for putting up with the male rabble as she was the sole female competitor in the field. Condolences to An Kaesavane, Klaus Schackt’s significant other, both of who missed the comp due to the passing of her grandmother.

Daily winners: Day One - Stableford - white tees - 1st Steve Donovan (38 pts), 2nd Rusty Boysen (36 pts), 3rd Risk Sharp (35 pts). Day Two - Stroke/Medal - white tees - 1st Bob Patterson (net 72), 2nd Barry Tregurtha (net 74), 3rd Barry Brooks (net 74). Day Three - Stableford - white tees - 1st Bob Patterson (38 pts), 2nd Barry Brooks (35 pts), 3rd Rick Sharp (35 pts). Practice Round - Rusty Boysen (39 pts), John Emmerson (36 pts), Graham Johnson (35 pts).

December 15
Green Valley - White Tees

1st A Flight - Kevin Taylor - 37 points

2nd A Flight - Ian Ashenden - 37 points

3rd A Flight - George Jackson - 36 points

1st B Flight - Ian Pike - 41 points

2nd B Flight - Frank Sinclair - 34 points

3rd B Flight - Colin Davis - 34 points

The size of the field might have been impacted by the lads being on tour but the quality of the play was certainly not affected. Ian Pike stole the show and the top step in B Flight with a sizzling 41 points. A classic match up was afoot as both Pops Sinclair and Donkey Davis effectively garnered a podium position while still adding 0.1 to their handicap. It is a thing of beauty to watch. On the accomplished side of the flights, Kevin Taylor edged teaching pro Ian Ashenden on count back. It was hard luck for Ian who shot a gross 71, but kudos to Kevin nonetheless. One-ball Jackson shot level to his handicap to round out A Flight.

December 16

Natural Park Resort - C & A - White Tees

1st A Flight - Gerry Power - 37 points

2nd A Flight - Paddy Wilson - 34 points

1st B Flight - Jim Munns - 37 points

2nd B Flight - Tore Eliassen - 34 points

Interestingly enough, both A and B Flight had identical first and second place scores. Irish visitor Gerry Power and Pattaya resident Jim Munns both bettered their handicap on the day and set atop A and B respectively. Their respective bridesmaids were Paddy Wilson and Tore Eliassen, similarly having 34 points.

Wednesday December 18
Century Banchang - White Tees

1st Place - Brent Merron - 38 points

2nd Place - Tore Eliassen - 37 points

3rd Place - Gordon Kerr - 34 points

Brent Merron started showing the form we expect of this wintering caddy from the U.S. as he shot what might be his best score of this winter stay. Brent, along with a couple of other mates who appear in these columns from time-to-time, spend the U.S. spring, summer and fall caddying at the elite Whistling Straits Country Club, the site of the 2004 PGA Championship. Tore Eliassen left the course with winnings for the second straight competition as he bettered his handicap and all but Brent with a 37-point showing. Gordon Kerr, a friend of the Donkey, showed he was learning from the master as he took the bronze with 34 points.

Friday December 20
Treasure Hill - Yellow Tees for some people, White Tees for others

Competition suspended due to mental illness - Well, I won’t say it for sure but strange things happen when the golf manager decides to take the day off from golf as he did this day. Somehow, a fair percentage of the field managed to sort out that the competition was off the yellow tees, while the balance took a short detour to the Land of Zog and hit off the white tees. Not to be outdone, one foursome teed off from the Yellow (since the starting sheet was pinned there - good work lads) and then after a couple of holes switched to the Whites (?), then back to the Yellows (????!!!). In the end, it was agreed by all that it would just be better if we pretended like this trip never happened. It should be noted, however, that “Barry the B” did garner 40 points despite a blob on the 18th, that his eldest son Edward had 37, while Stan Fry’s lad, Andrew, had 36, the latter two both off the Whites. Special mention to: Billy Brooks (38), Rick Sharp (38), Vincent Smyth (37), David Porter (37) and Eddie Blackwell (36) all off the yellows.

Jacques Thibault surges to the front of the pack

PSC Three Sisters Golf

Monday the 16th brought Jacques Thibault to the front of the pack. Jacques, striking the ball well and doing well around the greens came in with a great score of 42 points. In back of Jacques with 39 points was Erle Kershaw. Following closely was Doug Douglas with 38 points. As it was no one could catch Jacques as he hobbled around the course shooting a great game.

Jacques Thibault (left) won the bragging rights at SCC Dec 16. Herbi (right) came in holding the bag.

With the course in better shape, except for a few greens that were being sanded, all golfers had a good day. Almost all anyway. One golfer did not have a good day was Herb I. Holding the bag this week with a massive hangover, Herb came in with a miserable 21 points. That card can be thrown out the window. You can bet that he won’t be there next week.

Tue rolls best series of the new league with a 615 pin count

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

Only two weeks into the new league, VFW Post 9876 player Tue set a series total that the rest of the ladies will have to match to win the high series trophy. Tue rolled games of 195, 220, 200 for a 615-pin count to lead her team to a four point whitewash over the Winchester Club. Captain Bill also had a good series of 509 pins knocked down in this match.

Tue bowled the best series of the new league.

Domicil, led by Suphan, 507, and Suraphan, 505, took all four points from Three Sisters. Aun had a very good series for Three Sisters knocking down 503 pins.

House of the Golden Coin, led by Mio with a 509 series, took three points from Cafe Ole.

Shakey Pete’s took three from Cafe Kronborg as Doug rolled the best series for men on the day with a 534-pin fall.

Nice & Sleazy won three points beating Jack & Tar in there closely faugh match.

Bill and Kran’s teams off to flying start

Cafe Kronborg Monday Bowling League

Monday Dec 2 the new Cafe Kronborg Monday Bowling League season got away to a good start after the new teams were selected. Once again six teams are playing for the title.

The winning team (from left): Tukata, Otto, and Mio.

Bill’s new team (Bill, Porn, Tui, Wan, Keaw) got off to a flying start, beating Tue’s team (Tue, Toy, Sven, Nual) by 4-0, with Porn bowling a 561 total.

Suraphan’s team (Suraphan, Jeed, Lada, Udom) also had a good start with a 3-1 win against La’s Team (La, Otto, Gert, Ooy). In this match Gert had the first 200+ game of the season with 219.

In the last match Kran’s team (Kran, Suphan, Konrad, Peter) also got a 3-1 win against Mio’s team (Mio, Tukata, Nut, Pin) - here Kran had a 201 game and 545 total.

Runners up (from left): Kran, Gert, Sven, Tue.

The following night the league celebrated the season ending party and prize giving at Cafe Kronborg, with Kran and Bjarne putting on a great buffet as usual. The winning teams and the high bowlers of the season were all presented with their gold prizes.

Porn rolled a 232 game in week two.

Winning team: Capt. Mio, Otto, Tukata.

Runner up team: Tue, Sven, Gert.

High game: Kran.

High series: Suraphan.

High game w/H’cap: Otto.

High series w/H’cap: Peter.

After the prize giving the party lasted well into the night, and all had fun, a good finish to the season.

On Monday Dec. 9 Bill’s team won again, this time beating Suraphan’s team by 3-1. Porn rolled a 232 game for Bill’s team.

Kran’s team then thrashed La’s team 4-0, in a very scrappy match.

Mio’s team came back with a win 3-1 against Tue’s team, with all members of Mio’s team bowling well above their normal average.

The turnout of the first two weeks was 21 and 20 players, at Pattaya Bowl, North Pattaya. New bowlers are welcome.

Third Bunker Four-Man Team Scramble tees off this week

The Bunker, in association with the International Pattaya Golf Club (I.P.G.C.), presents the Third Bunker Four-Man Team Scramble on Monday, December 30 at Eastern Star Golf Resort. First tee time 9 a.m.

Teams of four. Maximum 28 Handicap. Team handicap 10% of total.

Entry fee 1400 baht per player includes trophies for winner, second and third placed teams, long drives (two divisions and ladies), 4 near pins, green fee, caddy fee, commemorative bunker golf shirt, buffet and prize-giving at the Bunker.

Sign up by entry form available from The Bunker, The Haven, Lewiinski’s, Shenanigan’s, Scandic Hotel and the Diana Driving Range. Online entry forms are also available at the Bunker Boys website: www.thebunkerboys.com

Wild weekend at the beach

Earlier this month, visitors to Jomtien Beach once again had the chance to observe a beautiful scene on the water. This year the finals for the 2nd DTAC Windsurfing Competition and the Siam Cup collided on the same weekend, which gave viewers a spectacular sight during the races, since more than 130 windsurfers were out on the water for most of two days. Many people commented that it was like looking at butterflies all over the ocean, because of the many different colors and the swarms hanging around the starting line waiting for the starting shot.

Winners and their trophies.

On the Saturday morning, DTAC once again organized a ‘special race’ where all boards took to the water at the same time, circled a buoy and raced back to the beach. The winner received a Japanese watch, which could be used right away to help count down the minutes to start.

Then a cheerleading competition took place on the stage at the beach, which gave spectators, as well as competitors, something to look at while waiting for the wind to pick up. By 2 p.m. it had done so and the 100 Mistral One Design competitors, who were all competing in the Siam Cup, some also in the DTAC finals, took to the water. The Formula class followed shortly after, starting from the beach, which proved to be an interesting sight, when an unknowing tourist suddenly walked across the starting line 10 seconds before start. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and no boards were broken. Races took place all day until about 5 p.m., when the equipment was brought up and stored for the night.

Sunday also featured a full day of races, since the wind was on the side of the windsurfers, compared to normal race days when it usually disappears after 1 day. The windsurfers took great advantage of this, but some could be seen trying to catch their breath or quickly getting a gulp of water before the next race started. By 4 p.m. the wind had died and it could be seen that a rain shower was on the way. However, for the first time, many competitors were thankful for the rain because it meant there were no more races, and they could catch a quick nap to refuel energy before the beach party in the evening.

By 7 p.m. everybody was back out on the beach where DTAC sponsored an amazing buffet dinner and some spectacular Thai dance shows performed which left our international visitors transformed but also impressed the national visitors. The prize giving ceremony was held and the evening ended pretty quickly since nobody had energy left to dance.

Christmas Cheer for Slender Sloman and HSC

MBMG International League Week 7

As Christmas comes closer many of the teams in the MBMG International League were already being flown out to secluded holiday retreats to prepare for the hectic New Year program and thus only four games took place over the weekend.

The Mighty Warbler welcomed back Steve Sloman to the squad after a month in a health farm. The club had been concerned about Sloman’s alarming weight increase due to his addiction to hot dogs and cream cakes. Yet it was a slender Sloman, looking to prove a point against Bangkok United, who gobbled up two chances in the 3-1 win. After the game Sloman said, “It was hard graft in that hell hole, but I’m through the worst of it now and I can say honestly I’m looking forward to my next carrot.”

Elsewhere in Conference A the Bullshead drew 1-1 away against the Scandinavian Vikings. The Vikings have won every game at home this season and started the game with great determination, led by the brilliant Nicas Udman; however, the Bullshead showed the resilience of champions by grinding out what could prove to be a massive point for them at the end of the season. Talking to reporters at the end of the game, Nick Smart, charismatic captain of the Bullshead said, “It was a great result for us. This season, there’s a smell of success around the club.”

Also Conference A SOHO kick started their season with a comprehensive 4-0 win over the slumping Bangkok Blitz. Khun O smashing in a hat trick.

In Conference B there was a surprising result with the High School Casualz gaining a 2-2 draw against the powerful Germans. Under fire manager of HSC Aki A, told the press, “After last week’s caning I kept the boys behind and told them they could do better. And today they passed with flying colours.”

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

“Sawasdee Pee Mai”, which of course is Happy New Year in a few days. There is a rule in this column writing business that the last column of the year be devoted to a “trip down memory lane”. A trip devoted to last year and all the wondrous events it presented. But first, in the tradition of all great news journalists, I write, “Stop the presses. Flash… Mr. and Mrs. Pattaya”. Now that I got your attention, last week I reported that Holyfield said after his fight for the IBF Title, “I had chances to throw the left hook, my best punch, but I couldn’t get my shoulder up.” Asked about a possible injured shoulder, former champ George Foreman said, “Byrd hit him on the heart with some very strong jabs. You get hit there long enough and you’ll think your shoulder hurts.” Holyfield right. Foreman wrong. Evander had an MRI on his should done late in the week. The results? Holyfield did suffer an “acute tear in his rotator cuff, specifically the super spinatis tendon. It’s a wonder he was able to walk let alone fight”. Holyfield has never been one to make excuses. Some dummies, like myself, should have listened. He was operated on last Saturday.

Now forward to the past. Locally 2002, or “Ought 2” as old timers can say (like Untall Paul who’s Mug appeared in last week’s Mail), Patrick the Fighting Belgium finally hung up the gloves. He had one last fight on the drawing board but an elbow injury during a contest in his “other” home country put the kibosh on that plan. Now he’ll just continue to jump from airplanes and serve great food at “Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant” Moo 10 off 2nd Rd. The food is highly recommended and the skydiving only after many “adult beverages” and or lack of baht for other activities.

The past year saw no new or old face emerge to take charge of the heavyweight division. There is an old saying that as the heavyweights go ... so goes boxing. The heavyweights have been in a state of limbo. As things look now that isn’t going to change anytime soon. The emergence, such as it is, of the Klitschko Brothers may have some positive effect. They are both articulate, big and can punch. The fact that they are Caucasian, which is important if indeed the world is crying out for a great White Hope which I doubt, is seen as a big plus also. The current crop of heavyweights will continue to posture and act like fighters. Don King, old “fuzzy wazzy”, is trying to pump some life into the division with his “unofficial” heavyweight tournament, half of which has been completed. Don’t discount Chris Byrd as a major player.

The absence for the past year of Prince Naseem didn’t help the lower weight divisions internationally. He has the ability, like DeLaHoya and Tyson, of putting people in front of their TV’s and buying tickets. This year Oscar DeLaHoya maintained his super star status while Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley and even Bernard Hopkins disappeared from the radar screens. Mosley and Hopkins will fight next year, but there is little interest.

Kostya Tzysu, the Thunder from Down Under, continued to be the best known of the international fighters who is not a heavyweight. Tzysu just needs to find someone to bring out his true abilities and there isn’t anyone around. He’s proud of his three titles and pretty much keeps himself busy doing mandatory defenses.

British Super Heavyweight Audley Harrison was a major disappointment. As, I might interject, were all the fighters that came out of the Olympics. The best of the bunch may be Middleweight Yank Jeff Lacy. Harrison did absolutely nothing to indicate that he can become a quality professional fighter. From day one he fought a parade of stiffs. That would have been OK if there had been some improvement in his performance. But alas there was none.

There are a number of fighters from the Realm that for one reason or another are very good but are never going to make a major impact on the sport internationally. The most oft thought of reasons is that they fight at home against opponents that have no chance of winning. Truly this is a case of This Is Thailand.

WBC Bantamweight Champion Veeraphol Sahapron (39-1-1) is one of those fighters. This year he went 4 and nil but against the likes of Alex Escaner (4-5, TKO 6) Dawin Bermudez (4-6, KO 3), Julio Coronell (21-16-1, UD 12), Noel Sungahid (9-4-3, K) and Sergio Perez (23-9-0 UD 12). The fights against Coronell and Perez were for the WBC title. In a perfect world Sahapron would get in the ring with the likes of Johnny Bredahl (53-2), Tim Austin (25-0-1) or Rafael Marquez (28-3-0) to command international attention. But the world isn’t perfect so how about Sahapron against Japan’s Joichiro Tatsuyoshi who just a week ago destroyed Saen Sor Ploenchit (43-2) in 6 in his comeback fight? Sahapron has fought him twice, 1988 and 1999, winning both times by KO. As they say, a win by Veerphol would help his “bone’ fides”.

WBA Super Featherweight Champ Yodsanan Nanthachai 3-K Battery (39-2) had a very good year and capped it off with his defeat of the Punching Postman. At 28 he’s young enough to make some impact on the division but unless he steps outside Thailand he’ll never get it done. The really big names of the division won’t come calling unless he agrees to meets them on their home turf. It is something with the management of Thai fighters where never a chance is taken. That’s OK in North America where reputation can earn big television money. Until a Thai fighter makes the commitment to visit North America and stay there for an extended period of time they will never be as good or as rich as they can be. True fact.

The greatest potential for international acclaim is WBC Flyweight Champion Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (46-2). He’s young, physically tall and has experience in the ring. He had a good year by Thai standards but in the great book of boxing it wasn’t a lot to write home about. He had three fights, all wins, against people he should and did beat. His KO of Daisuke Naito last April in 34 seconds put him in the record books for whatever that’s worth. His upside and future is bright. Denkaosan Kaoyichit (20-0-0) fighting for the rival WBA got a title shot against Champ Eric Morel in California. He lost but didn’t disgrace himself. Morel and Wonjongkam would be a dream match up but it won’t happen.

A Super Bantam that showed some promise was Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym (35-3). He was 35-2 going into his IBF title fight with Manny Pacquino (34-2-1). He was destroyed in one round which would indicate that his time on the international stage is questionable.

How about them apples?

Pattaya Pool League

Fitness Tips: Happy New Year!

G’day Readers,

I hope Santa was good to all you kids out there and everyone got the chance to do something special for not only their loved ones but for themselves as well.

It’s time to start thinking seriously about what you are going to do for yourself in 2003.

This was my Christmas present to me, a holiday in Phuket for 4 days. It was a great trip, heaps of fun! Did a bit of sight seeing, some swimming, a little bike riding and a lot of running. This is a photo of our tour group. I’m the fat, white bloke at the back on the left hand side, looking very nervous about competing in my first real triathlon.

Most of us would like to get a bit fitter and lose a bit of weight/fat but many of us use age as an excuse. If you are past your prime take a look and see that age is not an excuse. For those of you in your prime and still on the way there, no excuses not to start taking care of yourself a little better.

Strength training benefits seniors - it’s not age that wearies you. A new study on the effects of resistance training in older adults may encourage you to incorporate some type of strength training into your own regime.

The study, published in the January (2002) edition of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, reported that older adults who participated in six months of resistance training significantly increased and helped to preserve their bone density.

Sixty-two healthy seniors aged between 60 and 83 were divided into three groups and analysed over a six-month period. The first group participated in high-intensity resistance training. The second group engaged in low-intensity training and the third group was controlled so as not to change their lifestyle habits throughout the study. Participants were involved in three supervised strength sessions per week, which included machine exercises.

The study revealed that the high-intensity group increased their bone density by an average 2% in the hip area by the end of the six-month period. The second group also showed significant increases in bone mass throughout the study. It was also found that leg presses, overhead presses and a variety of back exercises had the most significant effects on bone density. It’s my job to teach you exercises like these.

While the study reveals that high-intensity weight training has the most positive effect on bone mass in seniors, significant changes were noted in the low-intensity group. Incorporating light weights, such as hand weights, modified squats and pushups into your classes will at least help to preserve bone density if not to promote positive increases. Again, my job is to teach things like this and to show you all how easy it is to increase you health and well being, regardless of age.

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